Trial Dive Scuba Diving or Trial Dive Rebreather Diving

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This program was developed as  Trial Scuba Dive and at same time to introduce the basics of Scuba diving or Rebreather Diver.

It consists of a theoretical classroom session  with a confined water class and an open water dive.

It has got a practical duration of ½ day + about 2 hours of theory classroom session that precedes the practical part at sea and swimming pool.

The sea dives to are usually done in the morning because it is at this time of day that King Neptune gives us a more calm and of better visibility which helps a lot with begginers 

This is not a qualification course, however after this session if you decide to do the diving course with us at Pinguim Sub , you  receive a credit of € 50 back and you only needs to do more + 4 sessions to complete your dive course, because basically you just did the first session of the diving course.

Trial Dive for Scuba Diving                 € 120.00
Supervised Subsequent Dives           €   65.00 

Trial Dive for Rebreather Diving         € 150.00