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Blue Speargun with Stainless Steel mechanism handle by Pinguim Sub
This speargunis mounted by us in Pinguim Sub.
We do customized speargun to taste and with taste, we also have unique articles for clients of excellence who appreciate a quality and good taste for their equipment.
This speargun for Underwater Hunting is the result of years of experience and a deep passion for underwater hunting, with solid foundation in years of competition and a champion hunting experience.
This gun consists of an extreme comfortable handle with a perfect hand fit, soft and includes stainless steel mechanism sensitive to firing.
Open head for 2 elastic, equipped with a Primeline 15 mm back elastic and dynnema ogive, 6.5 mm anti-reflex harpoon with shark fin.
Reel in soft stainless Pinguim Sub.

Film mount kits are available for all types of reels. Example of colored thread with 30 mtrs has an extra cost of € 15,-

- Aluminium 90cm blue tube by Pinguim
- Double elastic open head
- Pinguim Sub handle with stainless steel mechanism
- Tube Aluminio integral guide brand (new model)
- Harpoon 130 cm Harpoon 6.5 mm anti reflex
- Harpoon with pre-recharge system facilitates loading with 4 pins, in which they have a recess to facilitate fitting of the warhead dyneema
- Elastic Primeline 16 mm
- Stainless steel mini reel with personlized yarn
- The wishbone is made of Dyneema
- Wire Reel 20 Mtrs Mono filament treated with handle color
Option to place Roller or Invert Roller heads by Pinguim Sub or MVD

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