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Interchangeable carbon blade very light and extremely effective in all situations. Ideal for freediving and spearfishing at considerable depths.

Carbon shovel with 2 types of soft and medium soft, directional hardness has a conical profile to guarantee a special degree of reactivity and the efficiency that only composite carbon fibers can provide.
Available 3 types of short blades is a novelty in 2020 for shallow fishing.
Standard size and a larger size called Pelagic for greater depths and blue waters

The feet are made of natural rubber and have a softer area to improve the fit, even when wearing thick socks.

Another important and exclusive characteristic of the material used is its great durability and constant efficiency over time: even after intensive and prolonged use, a high-quality visor built in Europe with European materials maintains its resistance, immutable qualities and technical characteristics. .

We suggest using it with neoprene booties to fit well.
To wear without neoprene stockings, we recommend a size smaller than yours. For example, if you wear 3mm neoprene stockings, you should get the same number as your regular shoe. If your shoes are 42, then you must be 42-43 feet
To use with 5mm neoprene booties, we recommend buying a larger size.
Our carbon blades also work well in other pockets like Cressi, Omer or Picasso.
Foot pocket size: 40-41 / 42-43 / 44-45 / 46-47
Colors: black, blue-black, red-black

It can be purched separaded or as a fin.
This fin can be mount as you wich, starting by the color of the footpocket and ending in the hardness of the blade.
In the end oyu can have the carbon fins that you’ve been dreaming of your all life.

When we thought of producing our carbon fins, we started by thinking in a footpocket that was up to our carbon blades challenge. A final product that would be the perfect match between foot and blade.
For these reasons our footpocket consists of 3 hardnesses which optimizes its performance and comfort, wich means that it is hard enough to transfer the energy of the kick through the blade to a gentle but strong push of the diver but it would still be gentle enough for the diver to be able to stand for 8 hours in the water.
Drifts rails are added at the end of the blades for perfect control.
100% Carbon blades.
Two versions Normal in 78,5cm x 21cm and Pelagic 88,5cm x 21cm.
Made in Europe.
Available in 3 hardness: Soft, Soft-Medium & Medium.
Sizes: 40/41 (6-7), 42/43 (8-9), 44/45 (10-11), 46/47 (12-13)
Colors: Red, Blue & Black

All made in Europe.
2 Years Warranty.

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