Wetsuit Spearfishing 7/5mm Green Camu Marc Valentin

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Wetsuit Spearfishing 7/5mm Green Camu Marc Valentin

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Composed by: 2 pieces
Thickness: 7mm Jacket & 5mm High Waist Pants
Color: Atlantic/ Mediterrean ocean camo
Size: S, M, L, XL, (XXL by order)

Made in Europe

Our new Green Camu wetsuit made in Europe and its based on our seabed. It is a 2 piece wetsuit, with high waist pants and an integrated hooded jacket to give you more comfort while wearing it.
The suit features an anatomical cut due to its multi-panel design construction, for an excellence fit and is glued and stitched. We use a premium grade neoprene, 20% lighter than other traditional neoprene on the market, with superior stretch and a lower rate of water absorption.
The wetsuit’s ouside is an elastic lycra fabric green based camouflage layer is blind-stitched. The lycra provides a very durable and quick drying exterior far superior to nylon fabric. Open cell seals against the skin prevent water movement.
These features give the wetsuit a comfort, warmth and comfort making you feel as if it were your own skin. The outside layer fabric is a green camouflage ideal for reefs, rocky area including coral and even seaweed environment, due to its shades of green, gray, black and reds that make a perfect match in which the red becomes brown with depth, making a symbiosis of color mixing, reaching an ideal camouflage in diverse marine environments and of luminosity.
The chest loading zone is wider to distribute the load at the time of loading. The pad is made of supratex with a rubberized texture for better grip and protection. The preformed elbows and knees allow unrestricted movement of the limb pain joints. The elbows, forearms, knees and shins have an extra layer of PU coating with a broken anti-wear pattern to protect those areas without limiting flexibility.
All this with the high quality and reliability of a European product.
Available in 3mm, 5mm, 7mm
Sizes: S-3XL

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