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Double WOOD Roller Speargun

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Double Roller Wood Speargun

Lifetime Warranty

This speargun as everything you can ask for from sleek eficiente design to a
superbly accurate shot.
Ergonomic curved gun body with handle and muzzle all integrated in one piece.
Handecrafted in Iroko wood laminated 4 times, glued and multiple poly finish coats for gloss, durability and water resistance.
SS Mechanism 316L with line release, line guide and line anchor.
Hand grip ergonomic and robust and textured rubberised over grip for less slip.
Optimal buoyancy in water due to small weights incorporated to adjust the trim.
Muzzle to fit Double or Tripple bands, up to ø16mm
Comes with 7 or 7.1mm shaft with 4 shark fins, intregal shaft guide can acomodate spears up to 8mm. (Available)
Stainless Steel (SS) 55mt reel included
Dyneema wishbone, line this speargun is complete and ready to start fishing.
Limited lifetime warranty.
Made in Europe
(Available in Roller and Double Roller version)

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