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Beuchat VR 200 Iceberg

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• High performance regulator
• Compactness
• Setting and Venturi Flow
• Anti-icing system first and second floor
• Braided Hose MP supersoft

• Combination of a first membrane stage and a balanced and adjustable 2nd stage
• The 1st floor overcompensated membrane was configured to deliver high throughput at high depths.
• It is equipped with the patented gel anti Beuchat system and interchangeable seat.
• It has 4 outputs 2 PM and speaker outputs

• The 2nd floor is the type nozzle offset whose sensitivity is adjustable by the user.
• The diver can also change the orientation of the output of the air flow to increase or reduce the venturi effect.
• The 2nd floor is also equipped with a heat exchanger which transmits the heat from the water to cool spot to relax the body and reduce the risk of system freeze in situations of extreme cold.
• The VR200 Evolution is also equipped with a supersoft MP braided hose which reduces tension found in the mouth with a conventional pipe.
• Due to the overall design VR200 Evolution is a regulator with exceptional performance
• It operates in 300 bars that unusual market
• It is particularly stable in performance and up to 100 meters
• Its performance is very high cold
• It can be used both in temperate waters than in cold water
• Standard EN250 - 80m
• 977g DIN - 1151g bracket

Work according to the standard 50 meters / 50 bar 0.54 J / L
60 meters 0.47 J / L
100 meters 0.21 J / L

First stage

• Over-balanced diaphragm first stage to ensure safety if ever solicited by diver assistance + D.S. inflation + dry suit inflation + delayed surface marker buoy inflation, … (at 70 bar the MP increases by about 10 bar which increases air flow to the second stage despite the HP decrease)
• Airflow performance
• Optimisation of weight and bulk
• First stage equipped with the antifreeze system (Beuchat patent)

Second stage

• New compact and light second stage
• Air flow performance, comfort, and easy breathing
• Optimised new design for the bubble deflection system which directs bubbles away from the field of vision
• Balancing to optimise performance in all conditions
• New expansion chamber design improving the stability of the Venturi system
• New antiallergenic silicone mouthpiece allows for a better position in the mouth
• Venturi system adjustable by lateral valve
• Adjust sensitivity with an adjustment knob
• Simple to upkeep and maintenance
• Large exhaust valve limiting expiatory vibrations• 4 Medium pressure ports
• 2 High pressure ports
• Axial ergonomy of the HP and MP ports
• Simple to upkeep and maintenance
• 230 bar A-Clamp and 230/300 bar DIN connectors

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