Agachon FUSION 7/5mm 3D Camo Yamamoto 39

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Agachon FUSION 7/5mm 3D Camo Yamamoto 39

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Agachon Fusion Yamamoto Wetsuit
Octopus Texture

Agachon freediving wetsuits are 3D camouflage that uses a 3D printing technique based on paterns inspired by nature. This suits are for those who expect a much more effective camouflage and blend seamlessly with the environment.

For example, the fish we love so much are not black, 99% of the fish are white-bellied with dark shaded dorso. The reason for that is when the fish is viewed from the bottom up is confused with the clarity of the sky and vice versa, when viewed from the top down is easily camouflaged by the dark seabed.

The traditional black color is always a silhouette easily detected in water. For example, black seals have these color in order to absorb more heat from the sun light to fight the cold tempretures in frozen enviorments, but when they enter the water they become an easy prey for predators due to their well defined silhouette.

The 3D realism used by Agachon have a smoothed background effect, reduced depth of field to improve camouflage efficiency.

The neoprene we choose is the Yamamoto 39 which is considered the best in the world for apnea, surfing and triathlon suits.

For a while it was not possible to further improve this material, the Yamamoto 39, until an external material remained available that offers 30% more flexibility than other materials currently on the market.

Apnea practitioners can quickly recognize the capacities and resistance of this material. It resists better to compression and that means more diving time and better performance.

Yamamoto 39 is our best neopren, created by Yamamoto Japan, which consists of closed cells, a honey-type structure technically known as HONEYCOMB, which gives lower density (less weight), higher flesxibility and excellent thermal and clean insulation.

The neoprene used in our Yamamoto equipment has the following features:
- Superior mobility
- Enhanced comfort
- High heat retention capacity
- Lite
- Great durability

Agachon Suits are manufactured in a wide variety of colorful pattern for different types of marine and underwater environments, designed with a modern and anatomic cut of last generation. Its main objective is to provide maximum comfort and well-being while wearing, allowing for greater freedom of movement without ever sacrifice the high pressure resistance and superior thermal insulation.

The Agachon Sub values all the crucial points focusing in delivering a exelence product using last generation materiasl avaliable in the world market to offer the maximum comfort and pleasure in your favorite sport.

Our suits are available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm (coat 7 pants 5mm)

Jacket: 7mm
High Waist pants: 5mm
This wetsuit have green shades in the camouflaged that it makes the ideal wetsuit for more dark waters and in the geral rock places..
This wetsuit is designed with a anatomic cut, Comfort and flexibility that it will offer to the spearfishing man na imeginabel freedom in his moviments.
The wetsuit is made off the Yamamoto 39 neoprene wich was developed especially for wetsuits (spearfishing wetsuit, freediving suits, surf and triathlon).

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