Camo Green 5mm Wetsuit (until end of stock)

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Camo Green 5mm Wetsuit (until end of stock)

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Modern cut and anatomical print 5 mm costume D
High quality soft open cell neoprene, designed for several hours of swimming and ideal thermal protection for apnea and sub fishing that requires comfort in the water.
For colder waters 7 mm jacket set and 5 mm strapless pants.

3 types of 3D camouflage:

- Camu Verde (Shadows Green) - Based on the colors of seaweed and shallow corals on the coast

- Camu Red -Based on the colors of the seaweed, background and predominant color of the corals existing on the reefs + 15 meters that the spectrum of sunlight does not allow us to see without the help of flashlights. This camouflage color changes color and tones according to the depth

- Camu Blue - Fishing in free water and blue

Available in:
5mm jacket and 5mm pants
7mm jacket and 5mm pants

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