SPEARGUN Carbon Camu Blue Pescador 110 CM

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SPEARGUN Carbon Camu Blue Pescador 110 CM

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Carbon speargun Camu Blue Custom by Pinguin Sub 110cm

Speargun Camu Blue Pescador custom assembly made by Pinguim Sub,
this are unique items for customers of excellence who appreciate the quality and good taste for their spear equipment, unique pieces that identify their owners.

This spearfishing item is the result of many years of experience at sea , of decades of life experience of spearfishing, years of competition and the experience of how it is done.
This speargun is set basic consists of a two-handed handle of extreme comfort with a perfect fit in the hand, soft handle, the mechanism is made of high quality stainless steel, yet sensitive which translates into a smooth shot, with a 5-year warranty.
Closed muzzle w/ single band, 16 mm Primeline back elastic and dynnema , 7mm anti-reflective shaft with 5 shark fin pins. It can can easily accommodate up to 3 bands !
Up to the spearo wish... Have fun !

Descrição Técnica: Tamanho: 110cm; c/s Carreto: s/Carreto; Fio: Monofilamento ø1,5mm; Elásticos: 1 Elástico Primeline ø16 mm; c/s Roler: s/Roler; Punho: Inox Pescador; Corpo: Carbono Pro Hidrodinâmico Camu Blue Pescador ø30mm; Cabeça: Aberta Cobra Pescador; Ogiva: Dyneema; Tensor: Borracha; Arpão: 150cm, ø7 mm, 5pins Sharkfin; c Destorcedor

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