Spear Shaft 8 MM 140 cm - 175 cm 5 Shark Fins

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Spear Shaft 8 MM 140 cm - 175 cm 5 Shark Fins

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Premium high quality with 57 Rockwell shafts hardness 8 mm
Available in sizes from 120 cm to 175 cm

These shafts have 4 or 5 Shark Fins manufactured with one of the best steel in the world (Made in the USA).
Superior premium quality compared to the others available on the market.
With a steel barb 2mm thick and 82mm long.
Shafts from 120 cm to 130 cm have 4 Fin sharks and shafts from 140 cm - 175 cm have got 5 shrak fins ,.
The shafts with shark fins as pre-load, introduces a new concept of multi use in spearguns able to fit almost all systems both the conventional, Roller system, Fusion system etc.
The shark fins are positioned in such a way that allows to withdraw the maximum profitability available and that it is possible to be able to withdraw from a shaft.
The preload system created to facilitate loading, simultaneously allows to give several loads to the shaft. Example shooting in free water or a shot with holes, allows to reduce force, coarse fishing and for wider shots.

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