Spear Shaft 6,5mm 120 cm - 125 cm

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Spear Shaft 6,5mm 120 cm - 125 cm

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High quality range Premium com 57 hardness Rockwell shafts 6.5 cm
Available in sizes from 120 cm to 125 cm

These shafts have got 4 shark fins manufactured with the world best steel (Made in USA) . Have got superior premium face to the remaining years you have no market.
With a barbe of 1.5 mm thick and 70 mm compressed
These shafts 120 cm, 125 cm têm 4 shark fins with this load or that allows or its multi use in weapons of all the systems: or conventional, Roller system, Fusion system etc.
Shark fins are positioned to remove the maximum profitability available and possible to remove from a harpoon.
Shark ends with preload designed to facilitate loads and at the same time allow you to select various forces on the harpoon (speed and force). Example shooting in free water or a shot in a rock area, allows to reduce power which is very advantageous in some fishing situations.
Shaft 6.5 mm Anti-Reflection Stainless Premiun Steel made in USA
Available sizes: 120 cm and 125 cm with 4 Shark Fin

- Ø 6,5mm
- 120cm / 125cm
- 4 Shark Fin
- Anti-Reflexo
- Inox

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