Spear Shaft 8mm 120 CM - 130 CM C/ 4 SHARK FINS

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Spear Shaft 8mm 120 CM - 130 CM C/ 4 SHARK FINS

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Premium high quality range with 57 Rockwell Spear shafts 8 mm
Available in sizes from 120 cm to 175 cm

These shafts are of 4 and 5 Shark ends are made with the best steel in the world (Made in the USA).
Hence its superior premium quality compared to the others available on the market.
With a steel barb 2mm thick and 82mm long
The shafts from 120cm to 130cm have 4 sharks ends and the shafts from 140cm - 175cm have 5 shrak ends, shafts with preload shark fin which allows its multi use in spearguns of almost all systems: the conventional, Roller system, Fusion system etc.
Shark fins are positioned to allow the maximum profitability available and possible from the shaft
In sizes 120 cm and 130 cm a pre-load. and in the 140 and above 2 shark preload ends to facilitate the loads and simultaneously allows to give several forces to the shaft. Example to spear in open water or fish in a hole , allows to reduce force, spearfishing in rocky places and blue water

Arpões de 8mm
Aço anti reflexo
Qualidade Premium dureza 57 Rockwell feitos com aço importado dos USA daí a sua qualidade superior face a outros arpões disponíveis no mercado.
Barbela única aço inox com expessura de 2mm e 8.2 cm comprimento.
Os arpões de 120cm e 130cm possuem 4 entalhes
140cm- 175cm possuem 5 entalhes,.
O que permite o seu uso multi-uso em quase todo o tipo de arma pesca sub exemplo Roller system, Fusion system etc.

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