Agachon Pacific 5mm 3D Camo

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Agachon Pacific 5mm 3D Camo

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Agachon Pacific 5mm

Set of 5mm neoprene jacket and pants with padded chest area for loading, Reinforced elbows.
jacket is sold separately from pants and vice versa.

Agachon's suits use 3D camouflage using a 3D printing technique based on patterns inspired by nature. These facts are for those who expect a much more effective camouflage, blending completely with the environment.

For example, the fish we like so much are not completely black, 99% of the fish are white-bellied with a dark back. The reason that when the fish is seen from the bottom up it is confused with the clarity of the sky and vice versa when seen from the top down easily camouflaging itself with the dark seabed.

The “traditional” black color is always a silhouette, which is easily detected in the water. A good example are seals, they have this color to effectively absorb the heat of sunlight to combat cold temperatures in icy environments, however when they enter the water they become easy prey for predators due to their well-defined silhouette.

The 3D realism used by Agachon has a softened background effect, with reduced depth of field to improve camouflage efficiency.

Apnea professionals quickly recognize the capabilities and strength of this material, as it resists compression better and that means more diving time and better performance.

Agachon Suits are manufactured in a wide variety of colorful patterns for different types of marine and underwater environments, designed with a modern and anatomical cutting edge. The main objective is to provide maximum comfort and well-being during use, allowing greater freedom of movement without sacrificing resistance to high pressure and superior thermal insulation.

Agachon values ??all crucial points, focusing on offering a product of excellence, using the latest materials available on the world market to ensure maximum comfort and pleasure while practicing your favorite sport.

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