TX O2 Regulador membrane SEALED OXYGEN

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TX O2 Regulador membrane SEALED OXYGEN

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Premium Top-of-the-range sealed 1 st stage regulator high performance .
For mix gases diving. Preferred by those who dive deeper than sport diving.
Factory-compensated / sealed membrane regulator for use with 100% oxygen.
  The body of the 1st floor is ideal for rotating among technical diving .
As It allows best streamline accomodation /configuration hoses of bail out cylinders, among others, making a better & easily streamline which makes it easy to deploy.
1st stage is completly sealed sealed to prevent debris and others.
We also have in stock the same version and without 1st sealed

st stage:
Additional dry chamber COLD KIT
Outputs: 4 LP, 2 HP
Maximum working pressure of 300 bar
High flow rate at 20 MPa pres : 3823 l / min
Interstage pressure of 8.5 bar
Material: maritime brass
Can be used with oxigen up to 100 %.
Breathing resistance 0,983-1,004 J / L
Complies with EN 250 - CE1463
Weight: 730 g

II-nd stage:
With Venturi flow and breathing resistance adjustments.
Maximum flow at 20 MPa – 850 l/min.
Breathing resistance – 0,983 – 1,004 J/l.
Material – polyamide.
A wide, comfortable and flexible design exhaust.
Can be used with oxigen up to 100%.
The heat exchanger for prevention from freezing in cold water.
Meets the requirements EN 250; CE1463.
Weight – 210 g.

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