Emergency Contact Mobile Phone 24/7 (Sea Help) -(+351) 917 209 235 & 919 912 829 – Mr João Rosário 


Welcome to our section of MARITIME SALVAGE & RESCUE, assistance at Sea "Sea Help" at Pinguim Sub, we are company specialized in Maritime Salvage and Professional Diving,  our specialty is in the rescue and refloating of vessels, assistance at sea , we are based in Portimão – south Portugal – Algarve.

Our Salvage & Professional Diving team is available 24/7 permanent service. Our salvage & rescue service includes Sea Assistance, Sea Help, which is available to all. Our aim is to help with any problem that may arise at sea such as: cables or fishing nets in the propeller , refloating, stranded vessels, shipwrecks, accidents, dismantling, delivery of spare parts,  emergency fuel , emergency tow , etc ... Our service is a private company and is available as a complement to safety at sea mainly along the Algarvian coast . We have specialized facilities, dedicated and equipped for this type of assistance & operations of marine salvage, next to the river Arade beside  the Naval Club of Portimão. We have the know-how, experience and practice do not hesitate to contact us. It is not coincidence we are a reference  in providing this services for more than two decades.

we also have permanent capacity for rapid intervention dives at depths 120 Mtrs.

(we are available to operate anywhere in the world)

We are also Diving Center with a fantastic store, considered by our clients as unique and a specialty of our country open to the public 365 days of the year.

Our Salvage Team has 2 permanent contacts (Sea Help) 24/7  for any matter please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Mobile Phone 24h (Sea Help) -(+351) 917 209 235 & (+351) 919 912 829 – Mr João Rosário 
E-mail : joao.rosario@pinguimsub.pt
Shop and Dive Center contact: (+351) 282 485 784
Dive/ Rescue/ Sea Help Center: (+351) 282 492 256


As a reference "it is not what we do ... it is what have already done" ... a picture is worth a thousand words, visit our webpage

   https://www.pinguimsub.pt/en/galeria-pinguimsub  :

2019- Fishing vessel “Foz do Arade” flipped over, de 20 tons- Portimão

2019- Rhomus crash “Manguito” com 20 Tons-  Praia do Marina Portimão

2019- Rescue Vessel Sailing “Vostok Grounded” com 7 Tons-  Praia do Arrifana 

2018- Underground and Reflow –  Ilha da Culatra 10 Tons – Apoio Naval de Portimão

2017- Stranded of the motor yacht Casanova with 15 Tons-  Praia do Barranco das Berralhocas , Vilamoura

2016- Sunken cat fishing Mar Da Armona com 40 Tons- Olhão

2016- Stranded fishing boat Avô Rita com 60 Tons- Praia do Tonel, Sagres- Algarve

2016-ROV Search and Recovery at 61 metros deep of a Nato Ship Alliance - Pinheiro da Cruz, Tróia

2016- Sunken fishing boat Esperança no Futuro com 13 Tons- Portimão- Algarve

2016- Fishing boat dismantling Avô Melro with 60 Tons- Arrifana- Algarve

2015- Intervention on the Tourist pier Ró-Ró in Portimão1300 Tons - Portimão- Algarve

2015- Intervention on the ship Cargo SMS Dolores - Faro- Algarve

2015- Refloating and towing of the sailboat Heptarchy - 30 toneladas Olhão - Algarve

2015- Sunken sailboat KIWI - 15 Tons - Huelva- Espanha

2015- Dive operation in depth for recovery of German military ship scientific equipment Poseidon - Tavira - Algarve

2014- Replacement of moorings and repair of the sea breaking - Marina de Portimão

2014- Dismabtling of Sailing ship "pirit One 45 Tons - Praia do Castelo, Vila do Bispo

2014- Intervention to hold pontoon Marina of Portimão after the storm - 1000 Tons

2013- Historic Sailboat Eisvogel ex-ship of Hitler 15 Tons - Marina Portimão

2012- Fishing Boat Herança da Mar 30 Tons - Monte Gordo

2012- Refloating and Towing of the aircfart EC-JLB - Barragem do Roxo

2011- Yacht Larmar 10 Tons Sank/ Search – Bay of Armação Pêra

2011- Yacht Moneta 15 Tons- Stranded - Ria de Alvor

2011- Fishing Boat Herança do Mar 15 Tons -V.R.Stº. António

2011- Yacht Aicibi 10 Tons Portimão

2011- Trawler Rivieira 45 Tons Portimão

2011- Sail Boat Feng Shui 15 Tons - Tavira

2010- Sail Boat Ario 35 Tons albufeira

2010- Fishing Boat Rio Mira 45 Tons - Sank Portimão

2010- Sail Boat Ninora 8 Tons - Sank Alvor Harbour

2009- Fishng Boat Trajano 55 Tons - Stranded Praia Aguda- Porto

2009- Sail Boat Blue Peter IV 20 Tons – Sank - Marina Albufeira

2009- Yacht Zimbro 15 Tons - Olhão – Fire / Sank / refloat

2009- Yacht Santana 15 Tons – Stranded Rock outside Marina Albufeira

2008- Assistance Sea Help HMS Toucan transportation of rocket fuel for European Space agency- Flooded Auxiliary Machine room

2008- Sail Boat Tarik stranded Rio Guadiana near Alcoutim

2007- Yacht Lila Sank Porto Sagres

2007- Removal 6 steel pontoons of 12 mtrs stranded from Dutch dredge ex-Work Dubai (Capitanias Portimão /Lagos & Sines )

2006- Trawler Mar Salgado, 170 tons – Sank Harbour of Setúbal

2006- Trawler Aurora Boreal, 550 tons – Sank Harbour of Portimão

2005- Motor Boat Planauto- Sank 8 NM of Lagos -45 Mtr

2004-2005- Dismantling Trawler Sinamara 370 tons, Entrada das Barcas - Sines.

2003- Fishing Boat Deus Sagrado- sank Ria de Alvor

2003- Yacht Glória - Sank Marina do Clube Nautico de Portimão

2003- Classic Sail Boat 50 tons Kilena of Corsica - Sank Marina de Lagos

2001- Yacht Sank Matheus, Clube Naval de Portimão

2001- Sail Boat Mandali II, 16 Tons - stranded Praia Grande, Ferragudo.

2001- Sardine Fishing Boat Sank Rainha das Virgens, 25 Tons Harbour of Portimão

2000- Sail Boat Sank Plover 20 Tons - Marina de Lagos

2000- Yacht Sank Ringo - Lagos

2000- Yacht Sank Cavalo de Fogo 10 Tons - Albufeira

1998- Passager ship renamed Highlander , 350 tons, Stranded in Sagres

1997- Trawler Cidade de Tavira, 500 tons , Sank Militair dock of Portimão

Numerous surveys of various dredgers, passenger vessels, cargo and fishing vessels, reflutation of numerous vessels, surveys of bridges and other works.

Types of works:
Sea Help , assistance and Salvage Team 
Refloatation (vessels and others)
Transportation of Superstructures (Lifting Bags)
Surveys and Reports
Search and recover  (Various)
Inspection with footage
Ultra Thermal Cutting / Welding / Explosives (underwater)
Demolitions ( Super Structures)
Deep Mix Gas Dives + 100 mtrs
Dismantling (Vessels)
Diving Consulting
Removal of sludge and debris