Cressi Ellipse Steel AC 10

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Cressi Ellipse Steel AC 10

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This regulator is made up of the 2nd stage Ellipse, with steel cap (Steel version), combined with the Balanced Piston 1st stage.

The AC10 1st stage is the latest version of the Cressi balanced piston model, manufactured for many years and highly appreciated for its exceptionally durable and reliable characteristics.

First Stage AC10:

The 1st stage is the renowned Cressi AC10 balanced piston model.

It can be supplied with international yoke or with 200 or 300 bar DIN connections.

This balanced piston first stage means performance remains constant, irrespective of depth and pressure from the tanks.

With the continuous reviews and improvements over the years all the air passages inside the first stage have been completely redesigned and considerably increased so as to give the excellent performance that AC10 offers today.

Alongside this excellent performance, the AC10 boasts simple mechanics, resistance to wear and tear and requires so little upkeep that it has become a product with legendary reliability.

It has some 5 low-pressure ports located right around a swivel head, which guarantees rational hose positioning on any valve.

We must also point out the quick and really handy external system to regulate intermediate pressure, which can be calibrated in a few seconds with a normal Allen key and the extremely powerful sintered filter system to filter air from the tanks.

Technical features AC10 balanced piston 1st stage:

Supply pressure (INT connection) 0-232 bar
Supply pressure (DIN connection) 0-200 or 0-300 bar
Calibration pressure 9.5-10 bar
Calibration adjustment range +/- 0.5 bar
Air supply 2800 l/min (*)
High pressure ports (HP) 2
Low pressure ports (LP) 5

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