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Conjunto completo de reguladores Cressi AC2 Compact + Octopus Compact
Este regulador é composto pelo novo 2º estágio XS Compact com tampa de elastômero combinado com o tradicional 1º estágio do pistão Cressi AC2. Seus pontos fortes estão em sua extrema leveza, excelente desempenho, manutenção muito fácil e preço de compra acessível. Adequado para iniciantes, mergulho, escolas e aluguel.

O Octopus XS Compact usa a mesma carcaça que o modelo XS Compact, fabricado com polímeros de alta tecnologia especiais, a única diferença é a capa amarela. Todas as partes do XS Compact, a maioria das quais são patenteadas, podem ser encontradas neste regulador. O desempenho é extremamente alto, embora a calibração seja regulada para que o esforço de inalação seja um pouco maior do que no XS Compact, para evitar qualquer possibilidade de auto-regulação quando usado como regulador sobressalente. O Octopus XS Compact adapta-se perfeitamente a todos os primeiros estágios da Cressi e a todos os primeiros com uma pressão intermediária entre 9 e 10 bar.


1st stage that works with a simple piston, an economical work ’mule’, simple, reliable and robust suitable for intensive usage. It’s a first stage greeted by diving centers and professional working companies which consider it a really profitable tool because of its low cost and almost inexistent need of maintenance. It also has a surprising level of features.

Conical filter with high filtering capacity, essential to avoid the entrance of particles from bottles. That point is especially significant in school or renting regulators.

Flow of air supplied 2100 L/min with an intermediate pressure drop in intensive breathing (150 bar) 0.5-0.8 bar (measurements made in a LP output with the second stage connected and a pressure of 150 bar in the bottle).

Outside LP regulation by Alyco Key which facilitates greatly revision management and technical services maintenance.

1 High Pressure (HP) output of 7/16” and 4 Low Pressure (LP) outputs of 3/8”.

100% complete maintenance kit which includes precautionary replacements of a very low cost.

Weight: Int: 615 g / DIN 480 g

New greatly simplified single-hull second stage made of ABS + elastomer of really compact size (diameter of 6 cm) and extremely light (145 g). Its mechanism and development are perfectly planned to obtain the minimum number of components and great strength. It's a smart shopping option because of its combination of features - reliability - price - maintenance cost. It's suitable for maximum reliability uses and also as a travel regulator due to its lightness combined with the 1st stage MC5, as diving centers regulator, as working regulator with AC2 or as high range set with MC9.

The specific calibration of the inhalation mechanism changes slightly the personality on air output according to Ellipse series, rewarding an abundant flow without the need to exploit Venturi effect, beyond the exquisite touch and sensitivity of these kinds of regulators. This feature provides a limited tendency to continuous flow on surface or during the placement of equipment into the water, excellent for schools and renting (both the octopus and the double regulator). However, the results of the features place it beyond regulators of highest range.

Asymmetrical frontal cap drilling. The water flow starts to push the diaphragm anti-clockwise direction to create its retraction perfectly in flat position and to make the lever decrease gradually in precise perpendicularity, regardless of conditions (flow, sudden moves, any face position…).

Exhalation effort particularly reduced without the need to minimize the diaphragm thickness. The restraint system design of the diaphragm guides the flow 100% channelled towards the nozzles of the exhaust tee, which benefits from a powerful Venturi effect that, in addition, helps to guide bubbles far from the diver visual field. The diaphragm it’s stuffed to avoid water filtrations when sharp turns happen or when jumping from the boat into the water.

Practically integral purge pusher, bigger between 80 and 400% than any other regulator in the market to facilitate purge manoeuvre, especially to inexperienced divers.

The cap assembly system by a 30º bayonet turn ensures a simple and safe mounting and dismounting, even to perform cleaning sand tasks beside the beach requiring no tools.

Reduced usage aging due to the finish of the casing, as a result of applying in the mold a new technology that obtains a nuanced appearance made of a microtexture of rounded profiles.

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