Nomad LT Sidemount BC System

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Nomad LT Sidemount BC System

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Designed for sidemount diving in a wetsuit with aluminum 80s or in a drysuit with steel 85's, the Dive Rite Nomad LT is the lightest and most streamlined Nomad. Weighing only { 5.4 lbs | 2.5 kg }, the Nomad LT is a great choice for travel to warm water destinations. The Nomad LT is simple to set up and configure with a one-size-fit-all webbing harness and wing combination. Harness pivot points at the chest provide comfort for women and broad-chested divers and stainless steel slides at the waist provide a customizable fit. The two versions of the Nomad LT offer different locations for the pull dump.

Unique to the Nomad LT is the tight wing profile that provides instant trim with a { 3 in | 8 cm } expansion panel located at the base of the wing. This puts air where it is needed for optimal trim and efficiency. A low profile buttplate is located just at the base of the wing, providing easy access to bottles. SuperFabric® brand technology on the outer wing provides optimum resistance to punctures and abrasions, while remaining very flexible.

The Nomad LT Tech version has the pull dump located on the bottom with the inflator on the inside right and OPV located on the inside left. These can be reversed by the diver, if desired. The Nomad LT OpenWater version is for divers who need to dump gas from their wing in a vertical orientation. The primary inflator is located on the back of the wing, over the left shoulder and the OPV is located on the back of the wing, bottom left. All other features are the same on both versions. The Nomad LT comes standard with a { 12 in | 30 cm } corrugated inflation hose, a plain elbow and a { 2 in | 5 cm } crotch strap, plus two 2012 style inch ring and loop bungees w/medium snaps and chokers.

IMPORTANT: Extremely streamlined, the Nomad LT has { 22 lbs | 10 kg } of lift to carry twin aluminum 80 cylinders with a wetsuit or Faber steel 85s when wearing a drysuit. The Nomad LT is designed to support a maximum of { 10 lb | 4 kg } of additional weight worn for trim or buoyancy purposes.

When diving the Nomad LT, you must not attempt to dive with cylinders or additional weight that exceed Dive Rite recommendations.

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