Arma Cressi Sioux 75 Speargun Caça Sub

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Arma Cressi Sioux 75 Speargun Caça Sub

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Tried and tested and effective spear guns, the strengths of Sioux guns lie in the excellent materials used, their reliability, the easy firing and the favourable quality-price ratio.
The barrel is made from light, non-deformable anti-corrodal aluminium.
The inclination of the handgrip is designed for perfect firing and for quick, instinctive aiming; this is covered in rubbersoft.
The trigger system is very gentle and progressive, and is fitted with a safety catch.
A strong ring for the line comes out of the bottom of the handgrip, and at the front there are 2 line releasing devices, the dovetail trigger for the reel and a somewhat advanced spear-rail saddle.
The muzzle has 13 mm standard bands complete with simple arched wishbones with a right ratio between loading ease and forward thrust.
The muzzle is set for possible use of a second circular band.
The 6 mm diameter shaft comes with a single wing and two weapon notches.
Sioux comes in the following lengths: 50 (barrel 45 cm, 60 (barrel 55 cm), 75 cm

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